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Telephone Systems


3 CO Lines grows to 6 CO Lines (with the addition of add-on cards)
8 Stations grows to 24 Stations (with the addition of add-on cards) 2 Expansion Slots


CO Line Features
CO Line Group
Delay Ringing
Flexible Line Assignment
Flexible Ringing Assignment
Music On Hold
Tone/Pulse Dialing (CO Line)
Trunk Queing
Trunk To Trunk Connection

System Features:

Administration (Remote or via RS-232C)
Call Hunt
Door Intercom
Door Opener Remote Control
DTMF Integration
External Speaker Paging
Flexible Night Service
Flexible Station Numbering
Live Programming (Station Only)
Off Premise Extension (OPX) Paging (Internal)
Power Failure Operation (Basic)
System Diagnostic
System Speed Dial
Toll Restriction
Voice Mail Integration

Extension Features:

Absent Message ╖ Flexible CO Keys
Account Code ╖ Hold (Exclusive)
Alphanumeric Display ╖ Hold with Reminder
Automatic Answer (Intercom) ╖ On-Hold, In-Use Indication
Automatic Call Back ╖ Intercom
Automatic CO Line Hunt ╖ Message Waiting
Automatic Pause Insertion ╖ Mute Function
Automatic Redial ╖ Off Hook Call Announce (OHCA)
Busy Station Signaling (LCD) ╖ On Hook Dialing
Call Duration Display ╖ One-Touch CO Line Access
Call Forward ╖ Personal Auto Dial
Call Park ╖ Pick-Up Dial
Call Pickup (Group, Directed) ╖ Programmable Soft Keys
Call Splitting ╖ Recall
Call Waiting ╖ Ringing Line Preference
Calling Station Display ╖ Save Redial
CO Line Status ╖ Speakerphone
Conference Call ╖ Station Name Display
Data Line Security ╖ Station Status Check
Distinctive Ringing ╖ Time/Date Display
Do Not Disturb ╖ Timed Reminder
Do Not Disturb Override ╖ Transfer (Screened, Unscreened)
DSS/BLF ╖ Unattended Conference
Electronic Hold ╖ Voice Signaling
Electronic Station Lock
Executive Override